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Masters Course

Are you serious about creating a successful profitable lash business? Looking for a Masters Course learning advanced skills and different application techniques? We’ll show you the trade secrets that will make your treatments stand out and attract higher paying clients.

Are you looking to elevate your lash business and not sure what you need to do to bring in a healthy income from your skills?  Do you want to deliver exceptional lash treatments and want to be rewarded with high paying clients and constant repeat business?

Over the years I have trained many lash technicians globally and I have noticed that having enthusiasm is just not enough to take their business to a truly rewarding, successful one.

Many good lash technicians are getting an average income but are not using the necessary skills to transform into a really successful business simply because they don’t know how to or don’t implement what is necessary to promote and deliver excellence.

Not knowing how or not implementing in your business is a really bad strategy in any business.

The More I Learnt, the More I Earnt…

I have dedicated my time and energy into studying what makes one lash technician better than the other.  I have invested time and money into searching for the answers and in the process have built up relationships with exceptional lash technicians around the world.

Armed with this knowledge I have created my own formula and implemented the steps, I now reap the benefits of having a super successful lash business.  I constantly have a fully booked schedule of clients who pay a premium to have lash extension applied.

Even with fierce competition in my area, my prices are higher than anyone else’s and I have a waiting list of potential clients wishing to see me.

So, you’re probably thinking ..

How can I achieve the same as you?

And that’s a really great question. To be effective you must master the key elements detailed in my course and implement my winning formula for attracting and keeping the right customers.

This stuff works because I have already done this and I have the results. I have trained other lash technicians with my formula and they too have rewarding, successful businesses. I have also trained lash technicians that have been on other master courses who have confirmed my formula has worked for them and has given them better results.

This is a tried and tested formula.

Here’s the great news..

If you’re looking to save your hard earned money and want to fast track into having your own successful lash business without having to make all the mistakes I’ve made, I reveal my trade secrets at my exclusive training days.

Become a LASH artist!

You’re probably thinking that this sounds great but how can I benefit and will the techniques work for me? Another great question.

The emphasis on our training is on spending dedicated time with your trainer, and that means personal, one on one training at a bespoke level. We break down the steps and go over each detail until you get it right before moving on.

Therefore this is a guaranteed method to ensure you attain the right techniques and formula for your business.

I can only think of one objection as you why you shouldn’t apply for this training, and I admit this formula is not for everyone. If you are not interested in building a successful business or willing to make the effort you shouldn’t apply!

So what does the training cover?

  • Full Day Intensive Training with 100% attention with your Master Trainer 
  • Student Product Kit worth over £100
  • £250 Off Further Courses at the LASH Academy
  • On-going Mentor Sessions
  • Portfolio Assessment 
  • Training Manual and Student Product Kit
  • Unlimited Email and Telephone Support
  • Student Discounts on Professional Products
  • Special Discount for Lash Extensions by Francesca
  • PRICELESS Access to Francesca during your training
  • and lots more!

From complete beginners to competent lash technicians we have a course or programme just for you. We also offer beginner conversion courses to help with technique and confidence, Masterclasses in specific skills and one on one mentor sessions. To request our full prospectus email Quinze, our LASH Academy Manager, at

And here’s my promise to YOU!

If you choose to master these techniques with our guaranteed formula you can become an outstanding lash technician with a successful business with exceptional lash treatments that create happy, regular clients AND be financially rewarded with every treatment you provide. That’s more money in your pocket every day!

Not sure if the LASH Academy is for you?  Here’s a few quotes from our students…

I trained and completed my basic eyelash extension course with Francessca back in 2010...I have been a part time eyelash technician up until now and slowing built my client base. I felt I wanted to improve my skill set so decided to do the advanced training with Francessca. I feel her training is exceptional, you are trained on a 1:1 basis and gain new skills, tips & techniques from one of the best lash masters in the industry. My business is growing weekly and I put this down to everything I've learned from Francesca and the Lash Academy. Thankyou xx –Kelly Gay, Watford

A FANTASTIC course! Can't wait to practise and Francesca is amazing!–Michelle Ryan, Norwich

I'm obsessed with lashing and strive to give my best to my deserving clients so I read, watch, practice, reflect, study, analyse, question everything and go on courses! By far the most outstanding experience has been my Classic Master training with Francesca at the Lash Academy. Worth every penny, worth taking that precious time out of my hectic diary and definitely worth the trip to London from Bristol! An exceptional talent, true master of this art and science and fab trainer who's encouraged me to be more creative and achieve even better results from my work in terms of style and retention - and with my obsession, I wasn't sure that was possible! I'm so proud to have passed her highly acclaimed Masters course with 'flying colours'. That's one certificate of achievement that I'll be very proud to display on my treatment room wall! Thanks Francesca and everyone at Lash Academy. I commend you!–Julie Knight, Bristol

I now have the expertise to design a large number of lash styles and to customise each style to each client's unique features. Now an expert in correctional eyelash application, I apply these advanced techniques and also advanced texturing to my lash sets to create superior styles. –Aoife Durity, Ireland

The LASHacademy is first class for training. I still get compliments on my technique!–Jenna Nye, Weybridge

Francesca is an excellent teacher and the training courses give you so much more then learning the technique on how to apply a set of eyelash extensions.–Kimberley Fry, Basingstoke

My personal guarantee to you ..

Committing to developing your skills, however small WILL ensure that your business WILL improve.

How much is this going to cost me?

I’m not going to sugar coat the fact that courses at the LASHacademy are more expensive than other courses available.  We do however provide you with so much more than just training.  We are only interested in accepting students who want to be OUTSTANDING lash technicians because your reputation reflects on us, your trainers.

It’s important to shop around so when you are comparing us check to see if you get all the added extra benefits included in your training:

  •     Intensive Training with 100% time with trainer
  •     Mentoring Session
  •     Comprehensive Training Manual for referral
  •     Unlimited Email and Telephone Support
  •     Membership Access to the Private Group of LASHartists
  •     Membership Access to the LASHinner-circle
  •     Discounts on Professional Products
  •     50% Discount Offer on the Advanced Course if you take our Beginner Course
  •     Special treatment discount of eyelash extensions by Francesca
  •     PRICELESS Access to Francesca’s wealth of knowledge and experience

Whilst price is important, consider the value and opportunity of receiving the best so you can be the best!

I’m going to offer you something extra..

As a sign of goodwill, because you are serious about becoming excellent I’m going to include an additional Masterclass to bolt on your course.  The Perfect Infill Masterclass and LASHstylesheets for beginners or the LASHexpress Masterclass for advanced students.

That’s £100 you’ve saved!

Can it get any better?

Building your skills and becoming confident in your nearly acquired skills takes time.  And sometimes you won’t absorb everything during you course.  Therefore included in your course is an invaluable Mentoring session worth £100.

The feedback from this added benefit has been phenomenal!  Students have all commented on how valuable this has been in ensuring their technique is exactly right and they are not getting into bad habits!

A gift from me to you!

And once you’ve qualified we still continue to give back to you.  Products are expensive so we reward loyalty by offering discounts on our products with access to our exclusive Diamond Club.

And if that wasn’t enough … a FREE e-book on marketing

An invaluable tool in helping you decide how best to market your lash business by earning more and working less.

So, now it’s time to make a decision

It really is a no brainer, tell us you’re REALLY INTERESTED & WANT TO BE TRAINED BY THE BEST, click on the link below and find out more on how to become the best eyelash technician!

Classic Masters Group Training Schedule 30th January, 26th March, 28th May