Be A LASH Academy Trainer

Looking for an incredible opportunity in becoming a LASH trainer?  The LASH Academy is looking for trainers in the USA, Europe, Africa & Australia!  What makes the lash academy the right choice for you ....?


The LASH Academy is committed to raising the standards in the lash industry, globally.  This includes expert training, creative lash skills and industry professionalism in lash extensions as well as promoting integrity and values in business ethics.

Our passion for making a difference in the lash industry is matched by our dedication to developing lash trainers, lash procedures and training students to the highest calibre.

We bring together a unique set of highly trained lash masters, with the common goal to become the standard for the lash industry.


As a LASH Academy trainer you can be at the forefront in this emerging industry within the beauty industry.

Lash extensions are here to stay.  Fabulous lashes are everywhere and inspires women to seek out the best lash artists.  Being a lash trainer with expert skills gives the best start to student's success.  Being part of the LASH Academy, and it's excellent reputation, is the best way to launch your lash trainer's career and be a success faster than you could working on your own..Francesca Middleton


The LASH Academy is a training school that attracts students who want develop the best skills, or who want to be at the top of the game.  Our goal is to train highly skilled lash trainers who we believe will train highly skills lash technicians and artists allowing the lash industry standard to rise.

The LASH Academy will help define our trainer’s reputation as an individual and in partnership, strengthen our reputation giving potential students the confidence to be part of our brand.

Creating passionate trainers with excellent reputations and successful students advocated what the LASH Academy is all about.


The LASH Academy offer the most comprehensive training available and with students having the opportunity to re-train for FREE and unlimited mentor sessions, our students are in the best position to be in the top 10% of professional lash technicians.


Our training courses are catered to providing the maximum amount of time with the LASH Academy trainer, so we focus on private training, which gives 100% attention with the trainer or small groups with a minimum of 2 master trainers at each course.


Our courses are committed to excellence and so we offer any student the availability to re-train for free in group courses or have as many private mentor sessions as required to reach the required standard of being a LASH Academy lash technician or artist.


Our LASH Academy trainers provide to each of our students, once accredited, the distinctive excellence in technique and lash design.  This gives our students the ability to retain customers and become super successful extremely quickly.


The LASH Academy courses cover both the essential classic training but also the more complex volume lash training too.


The LASH Academy use the LASH System where each eyelash extension is applied one by one to clients’ own natural eyelashes. Our LASH System uses the most up to date application techniques that will ensure your students are able to provide a professional treatment through our efficient and effective processes.

Our eyelash extensions are permanent with regular infills and made from lightweight synthetic fibres designed to replicate the curve and size of natural eyelashes.  The LASH Academy lash extensions are made of soft and flexible fibres with a semi-high gloss finish and are offered in a variety of different lengths, thicknesses, curls, and materials – including natural fibre lashes.


The LASH Academy offers a business model that caters to individual lash technicians wishing to become successful trainers.  All our previous LASH Academy trainers have successful trainings schools with successful students who have thriving lash businesses.


With the LASH Academy offering a variety of lash courses, this enables the ability for students to excel in niche areas.  Because of this, this offers the trainer the opportunity to offer advanced training to existing and new students wanting more than the basic training available.


Other general beauty training schools provide lash extensions as a “side offering”. The LASH Academy specializes in lash extensions resulting in extremely efficient operations.


From getting up to speed with your lash skills and teacher training and all the way through to your grand opening celebration, the LASH Academy will be there to support you


Complete pre-opening training; including hands-on teacher training for you, using our latest LASH System, using the most up to date application techniques which provide a professional treatment through our efficient and effective processes.


Comprehensive, confidential operation guides providing details on our unique procedures plus our student policies, standards, and more.


Ongoing support, including telephone calls and meetings, refresher training, and access to our experienced support teams at LASH Academy HQ.


Trade discounts on our premium lash supplies.


  • Private training in Stage I in the Train The Trainer programme which includes getting up to speed with the classic foundation and masters courses which uses our LASH system which is the most up to date and efficient lash application techniques.
  • Private training in Stage II in the Train The Trainer programme which covers start-up assistance, equipment requirements, school specifications, and more.
  • A comprehensive, confidential operations manual that provides you with details on our specialised procedures plus student service policies, operational standards, and more.
  • Seamless communication with our LASH Academy HQ offering constant ongoing support, including periodic visits to your training school, refresher training, and access to our experienced support team.
  • Local marketing, branding and pr assistance, including presence on the main LASH Academy HQ website; plus guidance attracting and retaining students through promotions, membership programs, training packages, referral discounts, and more.
  • Trade discounts on our premium lash supplies.


Any lash technician who’s been in the industry for any length of time, will know that I take my own education very seriously.  I spend thousands of pounds on further training,  as well as regularly flying off to lash events all around the world. I’m prolific in this respect, buying, devouring and then implementing the best ideas I can find.  With this type of passion and investment, the LASH Academy has evolved and has a much respected reputation in high end training, with all our certified students work being in the top 10% of the industry. As well a attracting students who want to be the best, we’ve also created, with our training and mentoring programmes, super successful lash trainers.  I work closely with a select group of ambitious lashers, meeting with them and talking with them regularly, and helping them to grow and develop as a lash trainer and master technician. With years of experience of running the LASH Academy I’ve learned plenty about what works and what doesn’t, so as a LASH trainer you can enjoy the benefit of my experience.  Allow the LASH Academy to transform your lash career, I would be very happy to have you in my team. Francesca x

The LASH Academy is looking for trainers in the USA, Europe, Africa & Australia!

Are you a competent lash technician and want to develop your skills to the next level? Use your skills and talents to share with others and open up an extra lucrative and rewarding income as a LASH Trainer. We are always looking to welcome passionate lash technicians to join our team of successful trainers.

For more information email me at with your basic lash background, training and experience with some pictures of your work.



The driving force behind the LASH Academy, Francesca Middleton founded the first LASH Academy training school in September 2009 and has operated the training school since it first opened. With a diverse professional background in business, IT and the arts Francesca’s true passion is to help people feel beautiful and confident, while developing a growing and dynamic business.


Quinze is an integral part of the daily operations at the LASH Academy HQ. Also with a broad-ranging career in marketing and pr, Quinze’s drive and experience focus on the development of systems which help make the LASH Academy run efficiently.